We are part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW).

EPCEW is a small group of churches holding to the same Confession of Faith and the same Book of Order. This means that we are united in our doctrine and joined together by similar administration procedures. Within those limits we allow for differences.
Our Confession of faith is the historic Westminster Confession, drawn up over 350 years ago.

Our Book of Order is contemporary, drawn up to fit our situation, since we are a very young denomination.

Our wider links are:

Local: to the North East Evangelical Association, which holds bi-monthly meetings in the North East of England

National: to Affinity (former British Evangelical Council) and the sister churches of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW) which include: Blackburn, Cambridge, Chelmsford and Hull.

International: with the International Council for Reformed Churches (ICRC) which includes the Reformed Church of the Netherlands, Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the USA, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland, the Free Church of Scotland and Kostin Church of Korea.

DPC supports missionary work in Turkey through one of its Elders who lectures in Istanbul. We also have links to fellowships in Korea, India, USA and also to the work of African Bible College in Uganda


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