Evangelical library – a well-stocked library of evangelical books is available at the Chapel.

If you are just beginning in the Christian faith then a study Bible is useful as it has explanatory notes in it. A concordance (to find verses easily) is also worth having. You might also like to check out the following:

Right with God, Blanchard (good first book for anyone curious)

Knowing God, Packer (good second book)

Foundations of the Christian Faith, Boyce (readable, theology)

A Summary of Christian Doctrine, Berkoff (basic beliefs made readable)

Shorter Westminster Catechism (vols. 1 & 2), Williamson (good for studies)

Sketches of Christian History, Houghton (history)

And, if you’re an older Christian some of these references might be of interest:

Systematic theology, Berkoff (basic beliefs)

World wide web links

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England & Wales (EPCEW)
EPCEW Book of Church Order
Westminster Confession
Westminster Shorter Catechism
Westminster Larger Catechism
Evangelical Times – Christian Paper in UK
Spurgeon’s Daily Bible Readings for morning and evening
Affinity formerly British Evangelical Council (BEC)
Banner of Truth Trust – Publishing House
Evangelical Press – Publishing House
Bible Gateway Online Bible
e-Sword – free electronic bible with commentaries and more for PC and Pocket PC

Mantis Bible for iPhone and iPad


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